Direct Couriers

Direct Couriers

In keeping with our vision of helping you keep one step ahead, we have built partnerships with Direct Couriers to bring Native CargoWise One to Direct Courier Integration


Data in CargoWise One, be it a Warehouse Job (W Job) / Forwarding Shipment (S Job) / Brokerage Job (B Job), is triggered to send required data to Cloudster Connect. Once received, our services communicate with Direct Couriers’ system to generate a relevant pickup or delivery job. You are kept up to date on the progress of the job, from job booking confirmation, pickup time, delivery times and even POD’s.

This process ties into CargoWise One’s workflow engine and allows for automation using Direct Courier events for things like client notifications, task management, KPI monitoring and operational updates


For those who use Direct Couriers often, invoice reconciliation can prove to be a time-consuming process.

We’re commenced building Direct Courier Invoice to CargoWise One Accrual integration. Our solution processes AP Invoices directly from the supplier to your CargoWise One system. We even add invoice lines as a cost accrual to each job, thereby automating the data entry process and allowing your job profitability to be as accurate as possible.