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Our mission and core values

Cloudster Connect's mission is to deliver innovative and tailored software solutions, underpinned by our core values of a commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and technological advancement.


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Who we are

Software integration & software development specialists

We are software integration and software development specialists who work with our customers in the logistics and ecommerce industries to provide business process and trading partner automation solutions.

The Old Problem

Previously, only large organisations with ample IT resources managed business-to-business data exchange integration.

Our Perfect Solution

We leverage the availability of cloud based software, meaning your organisation can interact with your customers or contacts on your terms.

Integration: Absolute Necessity

To boost your business efficiency, improve business relationship with your trading partners, and cut overheads, enabling your software integration is essential.


Where uniqueness meets excellence

We’ve transformed the integration process from complex to simple by leveraging resusable technology across various projects. This ensures you experience streamlined, effortless integration.

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Your integration success is our singular goal

We’ll make it work for you, no matter the size or complexity of the integration required. Your business, streamlined. No fuss, just results.


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