CargoWise Service Partner

We are proud to have partnered with WiseTech Global, and have been certified as a CargoWise Service Partner since our inception.

WiseTech Global is a leading provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally. We develop, sell, and implement software solutions that enable logistics service providers to facilitate the movement and storage of goods and information domestically and internationally.

Since 1994, we have experienced significant growth and now have over 6,000 customers licensed to use our software in over 125 countries. Our industry-leading technology, CargoWise, is a deeply integrated global software solution for logistics service providers that enables our customers to execute highly complex logistics transactions and manage their operations on one database across multiple users, functions, offices, countries, and languages.

We operate our own data centers and deliver our CargoWise software through WiseCloud. Innovation and productivity are at the core of what we do. For more information visit WiseTech Global’s Website.