Cloudster Connect services

Here is a sample of the list of services we provide to our customers.

– EDI 940, 943, 944, 945, 110, 210, 300, 310, 852, 214, 856, 861, 997, 315, 990.
– EDIFACT, AS2, Csv, Flatfile, API, X12
– Full middleware capabilities
– One way, two way data sync
– All CW1 modules covered by integrations.
– All CW1 integrations are designed to keep operators in CW1 for maximum efficiency.
– CW1 eadapter hosting

Web portals
– Self service – container movement booking portal (port and depot).
– – self service portal for consignee/consignor parties to view shipment tracking, quote and book shipments, upload and download edocs etc. (Customisation requests possible)
– Container availability tracking.
– Trucking transport Track and Trace portals.
– Self billing Invoice portal for intra-company invoice automation. (CW1 integrated)
– Customised portals.
Warehousing (CW1)
– Real time Ecommerce order flow to CW1 WMS
– Real time Transport quoting and booking to carriers
– Batch number tracking and coordination.
Forwarding (CW1)
– Gatepass and load list automation
– HVLV booking consignment
– Shipment/consolidation automation
– Customs Declarations
– BOL management and automation
Accounting and Finance (CW1)
– Receivables transaction automation
– Billing Chargeline automation
– Rate management integration
– Payment remittance integration
– Third party invoice integration.

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